Declaration of Turkish public services confederation KESK about their solidarity strike with the protests in Turkey

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We call you for raise a struggle against fascism of AKP at the workplaces and streets!

Monday, 03 June 2013

As it was announced before, KESK has been organizing a strike on 5th of June to warn the authorities. Demands of this action are regarding secure jobs and wage security. However, state terror was launched against peaceful protesters, who started to resist demolition of Gezi Park seven days ago. State’s terrorist response to the peaceful Gezi protests has been continuing in a form that seriously threats people’s life safety.

State terror against the massive demonstrations which are the indicators of democratic demands and demands of democracy nationwide prove to the entire world again AKP ruling’s anti-democratic attitudes. Hundreds of civilians were injured, and many of them are seriously wounded as a result of the police attacks on people who have been pointed as targets. Thousands people were taken under police custody. All the main areas within the cities have been under police siege, and hunt like raids which carried out at nights have been started. The target of these raids is all opponents to the government. 

Operations, which have been transformed into such revenge very unlawfully, almost smother all part of the country.  Recklessly, prime minister described millions of people, who participated in the protests as a democratic right, as “marginal and a handful of plunderers.” 

Since it draws its strength from the peaceful struggle for democracy and labor, KESK is determined to continue to combat this brutality.

Assessing the current developments, our confederation decided to take an actual step against the attitudes of government that aim to destroy the right to life of peoples. Accordingly;

  • All union members will wear black ribbons and clothes on Tuesday (4 June) at workplaces.
  • We will make press releases in front of workplaces to condemn the ignorance on right to life, freedom of expression and right to protest.
  • We declared that we would go on strike on 5th of June. However, we will start the strike on 4th of June (Tuesday) at 12:00.
  • Our strike for "Decent life, secure employment and future security, democratic Turkey" will also continue on 5th of June. We will be on streets.


We call for all the forces of democracy and labor to be in solidarity and to raise struggle against authoritarian and violator government.


Steering Committee

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