Fight for equality and democracy in Thailand continues

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Amnesty bill in Thailand would led the murderers go unpunished. Thailand’s lower house has passed a controversial amnesty bill, which is designed to absolve those involved in the violence against protesters during the political unrest of 2010 of any crimes. This bill will only allow the perpetrators of the violence that killed around 100 people to escape justice, not the political prisoners.

Over the last six years in Thailand, many human rights and labour activists have either had to leave the country or are in jail under repressive laws like Article 112 (Lese Majeste). The proposed amnesty bill being debated by the government will not address the fundamental inequalities in Thailand. The fight for justice is a fight for equality and democracy.

Free Somyot
Free all political prisoners in Thailand
Abolish Article 112

Source: AAWL, 3 November 2013

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