Mine workers in Turkey demand justice!

On 2 Sept 2014, 113 days after the death of 301 workers at the coal mine in Soma, Manisa, Turkey, Metin Kesin died at a mine run by İmbat Inc. This sorrowful death is the obvious evidence of violations of the occupational health and safety in the privatized mines and the irresponsibility of employers and government even after an occupational massacre which has drawn world’s attention on Turkey. In order to maximize their profit and lower labor costs, these companies adopt methods from violation of job security to threatening workers and even using violence against trade unionists.

Fight for equality and democracy in Thailand continues

Amnesty bill in Thailand would led the murderers go unpunished. Thailand’s lower house has passed a controversial amnesty bill, which is designed to absolve those involved in the violence against protesters during the political unrest of 2010 of any crimes. This bill will only allow the perpetrators of the violence that killed around 100 people to escape justice, not the political prisoners.

Belarusian Trade Union leaderS go on hunger strike at Mozyr refinery

The chairman of Belarusian Independent Trade Union’s primary organization at Mozyr refinery Jury Shviec intends to go on hunger strike on 14 October.

This way the activist is going to protest against the arbitrary rule on the part of enterprise’s administration and unfair treatment of the independent trade union’s members.

The fight against Lese Majeste in Thailand continues

Friday the 20 of September was Somyot Prueksakasemsuk’s birthday. This is his first birthday in jail following his sentence of eleven years under Thailand’s draconian Lese Majeste laws (Article 112). Friday the 20 of September was Somyot Prueksakasemsuk’s birthday. This is his first birthday in jail following his sentence of eleven years under Thailand’s draconian Lese Majeste laws (Article 112). The campaign to free Somyot and to repeal Article 112 continues to gather pace around the world with global union federations are calling for his release. You can also send birthday wishes to Somyot over the next few days via an e-card. A 20 year old university student is the latest person to be charged with Lese Majeste for running an anti uniform campaign.

Declaration of Turkish public services confederation KESK about their solidarity strike with the protests in Turkey

KESK has been organizing a strike on 5th of June to warn the authorities. Demands of this action are regarding secure jobs and wage security. However, state terror was launched against peaceful protesters, who started to resist demolition of Gezi Park seven days ago. State’s terrorist response to the peaceful Gezi protests has been continuing in a form that seriously threats people’s life safety. Since it draws its strength from the peaceful struggle for democracy and labor, KESK is determined to continue to combat this brutality.

Somyot sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment

Today, the Bangkok Criminal Court found him guilty on  both counts of Article 112 of the Criminal Code (the lèse-majesté law*) and sentenced him to 11 years of imprisonment imprisonment < 10 years for both count and plus one more year for a violation of printing act in 2009t>.

Somyot on trial 23rd of January

Dear all comrades and friends

Warm greetings from  Free Somyot Campaign! We are here again calling your strong support before the verdict will be announced for somyot case on the 23 Jan 2013. If he is found guilty, it will be 30 years sentences!

We are calling for your continuous  support to endorse this open letter that will be submit to the  Thai authorities on the 17 Jan 2013 to call for Somyot case to be dropped. As he did nothing wrong to uphold freedom of expression as human rights defender. We remain the position that Somyot is innocence and the Lese majeste law  violate freedom of expression in Thailand. Therefore, we call for your organization and any individual   to endorse this letter. Please kindly send   your endorsement by latest  at 12pm < Thailand time> on 16 Jan 2o13. Please send to  this email :  freesomyot@gmail.com

Many thanks again, Siew Hwa, 书华

Malaysia Support Group for Democracy in Thailand, In support of Free Somyot Campaign, 10 Jan 2013

Update on trial for Somyot

The trial for Somyot Pruksakasemsuk is well and truly underway. Somyot is a labour journalist who has been arrested under Thailand’s draconian Lèse Majesté law.  Somyot is a former colleague of TIE and we have posted information on the trial earlier this year.

Vakbondsleider Belarus illegaal ontslagen

Dringend verzoek om solidariteitsbrieven te sturen

Oleg Stakhaevich, de leider van de nieuw gevormde onafhankelijke vakbond in RUPP "Granite" is in februari 2012 illegaal ontslagen. De actie is onderdeel van een reeks recente anti-vakbonds ontwikkelingen in het bedrijf. Stuur een brief naar de Wit Russische autoriteiten om je bezorgdheid hierover uit te spreken!

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